Lowering the speed: 30 kph zones

I found the following (2011) document “IMPLEMENTING LOWER SPEEDS IN NEW ZEALAND” an interesting read: 12637251_IPENZ2011-Koorey-LowerSpeeds-revised.pdf (271.6 KB) What is striking is that this document is over a decade old and nothing has really changed. About time it did.

In particular the following:

Lower Speed Limits (<50km/h)

Aside from the above-mentioned school speed zones, the Rule also allows the possibility of using 10 - 40km/h limits. Here is the relevant clause:

3.2(6) A road controlling authority may propose to set a speed limit of less than 50 km/h… if:

  1. (a) the calculated speed limit for the relevant road is 50 km/h; AND
  2. (b) the proposed speed limit would be likely to increase the safety of pedestrians, cyclistsor other road users; AND
  3. (c) safe and appropriate traffic engineering measures are installed so that the measuredmean operating speed is within 5 km/h of the proposed speed limit.

Meeting requirement (a) is not likely to be difficult for locations where a lower speed limit is being proposed. The earlier discussion about speeds and safety make requirement (b) fairly redundant. All that remains therefore is for the road environment itself and the traffic behaviour to be assessed and if necessary adjusted to satisfy requirement (c).

A number of potentially suitable locations for such limits occur around schools and tertiary institutions, residential areas, parks and playgrounds, and urban CBDs and shopping streets.

So nothing stopping councils making 30 kph zones around schools they wanted to: The whole (and pretty pointless) “40kph reduction” school zones thing is bunkum.

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Yes exactly! This is what we should be pushing for all the streets around the University. We should forward the report to Simone for discussion in our meeting next week.

Can you share the meeting details and who is invited? Maybe in #members-only?

Where has the reform of the Land Transport Rule - Setting of Speed Limits 2021 got to? I understood that it was likely to tear up the old rules anyway?

The meeting is just for three of us: Matt for SDHB group, me for Spokes and Steve for BetterStreets. We will report back. Draft agenda is:

Lovelock Ave – new uphill cyclepath
Albany St cycleway – project update
Shore St/Portobello Rd intersection – update on active warning sign
Bike Parking – programme update
Harbour Arterial – project update
Other items
Next meeting

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There’s a plan for an Albany Street cycleway? I’ve always thought a better location for a bike path would be along the roads beside the Leith.

Yes, the remains of a decimated tertiary district plan I believe. It does link up with the harbour paths and the tail end of the George st redevelopment… despite no plans to link the latter to anywhere really.

Matt and I made it clear that we felt if vehicle traffic was properly managed to avoid thru traffic, the need for a segregated cycle way would probably vanish. But that wasn’t on the cards.

We can update you after the meeting.

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I think we really need to push this one. Rather than just waiting for Waka Kotahi to do something, we should create bold slow speed mixed use streets. I see no reason why the couldn’t be do very cost effectively and extensively!

Some info from the Global Street Design guidelines that the DCC have signed up to:

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Where is this from, and what does “signed up to” mean to the DCC? Is this something we can try to hold them too, or just something aspirational that they’ll never concern themselves with?

It’s from the Global Street Design Guide.