An Albany Street Cycleway - is there a better alternative?

I’ve started this Topic to bring together some recent conversations here and on Biking in Dunedin regarding the proposed Albany Street Cycleway.

@Duncan suggested that we might be better developing a cycle path along the Leith instead:

In reply:

I’ve often thought that this would be a much better option too. Albany St would suck for many reasons, particularly glass and cars. Where is the DCC at with this? And is there an opportunity for them to pivot if we present a much better idea?

This has been part of the overall Tertiary precinct plan for quite a while now. I recall discussing it with the DCC probably 4-5 years ago.

The three big players, University, and Polytech presumably tried to alignment on their long term plan and vision for the precinct, but given the very different priorities amongst those groups, I find it hard to believe a route through the University and Polytech (and possibly even ORC land) would work. Plus Waka Kotahi running out of money again and changing direction stopped this happening sooner.

I don’t have any issue with Albany Street if done correctly but the intersections will almost certainly be the problem as per usual.


I love how you downplay the University plans as “very different priorities”, ie “No cycling on Campus/University”. There are apparently still those within OU who are strongly anti-cycling to the point where cars/trucks are allowed in some areas but not bicycles, go figure. Until that mindset is changed, any cycle lanes will have to skirt the Campus rather than follow the safest routes.

That is the rub, huh? It will be an unsatisfying compromise unless we get it away from the road.

That whole area will suck for biking until it changes. How ingrained is that idea? Coming in naively, I do wonder if it originated with a single person and just remains as the ‘status quo’. Or is it truly ingrained in several individuals who hold a lot of power?

Does anyone know someone high up in OU who might be willing to discuss / negotiate about this?

My conversations with the person who is in charge of transport around the campus say it is not the case they are anti cycling. While they do not want cycles through the middle of the campus, a connection along Leith street at the back of the clocktower and a St David St connection one side and Union St connection on the other to the Leith St route are quite doable in his opinion. These would require two new cycle bridges over the Leith, which are needed anyway to increase pedestrian capacity.

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@steve, you mentioned once you had had a conversation with someone relevant at the uni about this and they didn’t have a problem with bikes. It would be interesting to understand where/who/why the perception of the uni being comes from.

My disappointment with the Albany and Uni district is that if the whole area was considered as an LTN and the right measures put in to stop certain streets being used as a thru route, it would not only be a safe area for cyclists and pedestrians, but a much nicer place overall.

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